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Downloading and Installing HPCToolkit

Build Instructions

Current Spack Issues

Source code for HPCToolkit

To build HPCToolkit, you should clone the HPCToolkit and Spack repositories and follow the build instructions as above. We now use Spack for building HPCToolkit's prerequisites (replacing the old hpctoolkit externals).

You can install HPCToolkit with the "One Button" spack install hpctoolkit method, or else use spack to install the prerequisites and then build hpctoolkit with the traditional configure ; make ; make install method. The hpctoolkit repository is available on GitLab. The spack repository is available on GitHub.

Binary releases of HPCToolkit's hpcviewer graphical user interface (recommended for tool users)

Note: Trace views provided previously by HPCToolkit's hpctraceviewer interface have been integrated into hpcviewer in recent releases.

Source code for HPCToolkit's hpcviewer graphical user interface (recommended for tool developers only)

Source code for HPCToolkit's hpcviewer graphical user interface is available from the HPCViewer repository on GitLab. Unless you are a tool developer who wants to modify the capabilities of these graphical user interfaces, we recommend downloading the binary releases. See the repository's README.md for information about how to build hpcviewer from source code.

Questions, Problems, Bugs

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