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Binary releases of HPCToolkit GUI interfaces


Installing Java 11

The instructions to install Java:
  1. Download Java JDK
  2. Set JAVA_HOME environment variable to the installed directory
  3. For Mac OS users: in case some Java versions were already installed

x86-64 (Linux)

x86-64 (MacOS)

Downloading and installing the MacOS binaries provided below with a web browser results in broken executables, courtesy of Apple's security precautions. The recommended download procedure is to copy the shell commands below and then paste and execute them in a terminal window in a directory where you have write permission.

mkdir hpctoolkit-gui-latest
cd hpctoolkit-gui-latest
curl -O http://hpctoolkit.org/download/hpcviewer/latest/hpcviewer-macosx.cocoa.x86_64.zip
unzip hpcviewer-macosx.cocoa.x86_64.zip

x86-64 (Windows)

Power, Little Endian (Linux)

ARM (beta release)

This is an experimental version of hpcviewer for ARM platform.

Older versions

2020.12 Release
2020.07 Release
2020.05 Release
2020.04 Release
2020.03 Release
2020.02 Release
2019.12 Release
2019.09 Release
2019.08 Release
2019.04 Release
2019.02 Release

Prior versions

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