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Binary releases of HPCToolkit GUI interfaces


Installing Java 8

The instructions to install Java 8 or newer:
  1. Download Java JDK
  2. Unpack the file, and set JAVA_HOME environment variable to the installed directory
  3. For Mac OS users: in case some Java versions were already installed

x86-64 (Linux)

x86-64 (MacOS)

Downloading and installing the MacOS binaries provided below with a web browser results in broken executables, courtesy of Apple's security precautions. The recommended download procedure is to copy the shell commands below and then paste and execute them in a terminal window in a directory where you have write permission.

mkdir hpctoolkit-gui-latest
cd hpctoolkit-gui-latest
curl -O http://hpctoolkit.org/download/hpcviewer/latest/hpcviewer-macosx.cocoa.x86_64.zip
unzip hpcviewer-macosx.cocoa.x86_64.zip

x86-64 (Windows)

Power, Little Endian (Linux)

Older versions

2020.07 Release
2020.05 Release
2020.04 Release
2020.03 Release
2020.02 Release
2019.12 Release
2019.09 Release
2019.08 Release
2019.04 Release
2019.02 Release

Prior versions

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